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From the heart of the austral Chilean Patagonia, the dream of the Olympic Squash remains strong at the Leñadura Country Club of Punta Arenas city.

A small group of players full of enthusiasm decided to show to the entire world that Squash is an universal and captivating sport practiced also in the south end of the planet.

As a unique idea in the world, the players of Leñadura Squash Team, committed to play for 24 hours non-stop, supporting the bid to get squash included at the 2016 Olympics.

The activity will be carried out from the 19.00 hrs of the Friday´s May 22 until the 19.00 hrs of the Saturday 23rd of May. To celebrate the accomplishment of the goal, they will finish with a traditional Patagonian barbecue.

A brief but significant ceremony will be held to get started. Important regional authorities will be invited and they will be in charge of giving "the first shot" initiating the countdown of grueling 24 hours of Squash. Squash videos will showed and there will be free squash lessons for those wishing to try.

Children will have special consideration having time specially dedicated to them between 10.00 to 14.00 hrs. of the Saturday 23rd of May.

The Directive is very exited with the impact that this activity could have in Chile and all over the world. Thus, efforts of this magnitude should resemble the big efforts Squash is conducting in order to accomplish the Olympic dream.

Everyone is welcome to take part of this unique event.

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Elaine Tan    19 May 2009 07:44 | Malaysia
Hi guys!
To help create more excitement for Squash 2016 Day, Squash Stars is running a little competition on Facebook.

Please place your Olympic Postcard Pledges now! :D Best pledge will win an Autographed Nicol David Squash Ball.

Click here for more information: http://www.squashstars.com/events/2009/05/facebook-competito n.html

or just email me at elaine.tan@squashstars.com


M Dasani    18 May 2009 00:06 | London, England
I'm all for seeing Squash at the 2016 Olympics.

Another good way to help raise funds for the cause, would be to produce some pin badges or iron on patches with the Squash 2016 logo, so we can show our support at our local clubs etc, and spread the word!

ricardo magdaleno    15 May 2009 15:58 | mexico pachuca hidalgo
esperamos que en esta ocacion si tengamos exito para este maravilloso deporte sea incluido en los juegos olimpicos del 2016

Amber Glasgow    14 May 2009 11:31 | United Kingdom

Man @ OCM    14 May 2009 03:33 | Kuala Lumpur
SQUASH BOLEH! :grin 8)

Zia Khan    13 May 2009 17:18 | Atlanta
Go squash!!

Surindar Singh    12 May 2009 18:15 | Penang Malaysia
Great sport! it should be in the Olympics. Squash, please show the world that you can do it!

MARCIO PORTES    12 May 2009 13:59 | BRASIL
8) Squash in Olympic Games will be great...

Laurent    12 May 2009 12:21 | Belgium
I would like to see squash as an olympic sport!!

joe    12 May 2009 11:24 |
clearly squash is a much better sporting event than some of them already in it so i want it to be in the olympics 2016

:grin 8) :p

Matthieu    12 May 2009 10:51 | France
Pour qu'on puisse enfin voir du squash aux JO en 2016!!!

Oliver    12 May 2009 10:37 | Blackpool
It's better than many a game currently included, you know it makes sense.

William Motel    12 May 2009 10:05 | Baltimore, MD
On the highest levels, squash is like a chess match, worthy of the most honored sporting stage.

On the lower levels, it's a fantastic sport and a phenomenal work out.

Khairil Anwar    12 May 2009 09:36 | Penang, Malaysia
Squash is a great sport, and it's my dream for it to be in the Olympics. People all around the world enjoyed playing it. It will be a big boost for us if the sport were to be included for the Olympics. Why include sports like BMX? Why not squash? The inclusion of squash in 2016 will not only benefit the game as whole, but also the Olympics itself. ;)

Sridhar Boyana    05 May 2009 15:23 | Hyderabad, India
I am organizing a Squash tournament in Hyderabad, India dates being May19th -23rd 2009. We would like to support the The World Squash Day 2016 - inclusion of the sport in the Olympics. Is there any way I can include the logo on the T-shirts being gifted to every participant of the tournament to support the bid? I am running short of time to obtain the T-shirts from UK. Though I could donate to obtain permission and the digital file required to print 100 T-shirts with the logo on it.
Any suggestions and feedbacks are welcome

Jean Grainger    05 May 2009 09:39 | Johannesburg South Africa
Squash has now become a wonderful spectator sport as well as a participant sport. The squash the top international players now play makes spectacular watching. The skill, reactions,mobility and sheer athleticism of these players almost defies belief! It meets all the criteria the Olympics requires. Let's get it into this supreme celebration of sport - squash should be there.

Tse Wan Kin    25 April 2009 06:13 | Hong Kong SAR
I would like to be in favour of allowing Squash to be an Olympic Event but, comphensive volunteering affairs have to be implemented for all squash events worldwide from now on.

Ting Mao Heng    19 April 2009 06:06 | Malaysia
Started to know squash when i was 18 in 1998.(Ong Beng Hee won the world Junior) As a Malaysian,we always crazy about badminton, Squash....soso. I used to play badminton everyday. But now, i am 28. I play squash twice a week. I watch and search squash news everyday. It's a transform for me. Maybe Nicol David influenced me. Malaysia never won a gold medal in the Olympic game. we really hope squash can make it in the Olympic. It will give Malaysia a chance to win the Gold Medal. Im praying now. God bless Squash.

Vikas Sharma    06 April 2009 17:17 | Noida (U.P. INDIA
The fantastic sport of Squash will rally around others and eventually make it at the Olympics 2016.

Proud to be a part of this movement and would like to continue contributing in whatever way possible.....

Inviting ALL OTHERS to check out the "Greatness of the Sport" and join raise your hand !

Olympics 2016 & Beyond will witness athleticism as never before.

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