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Rui Pastor    30 March 2009 15:15 | São Paulo - Brasil
É a grande oportunidade de colocarmos o Squash no palco olímpico de 2016. Vamos trabalhar essa iniciativa.

Darran Fellows    28 March 2009 10:39 | Chepstow , South Wales
After taking up squash to help get 'quicker off the mark' playing rugby i soon realised what a superb sport squash is.It pushes the bounderies both physically & mentally to the absolute limit.
A sport for true Gladiators which is perfect for the Olympics ! Quite simply its a no-brainer...

RSB    28 March 2009 05:29 | Abbotsford, Canada
There is simply no sport like squash! No other sport comes close to it in speed, tactics and dynamics!
Would love to see it in the Olympics , something to look forward to!

Aidan    27 March 2009 19:15 | Bromley
These olympic sports wihich are currently in the olympics some are equal in popularity to squash and squash is left out. things like bmx in the olympics why are them sort of sports in there ? Squash should be " VOTE FOR SQUASH IN THE OLYPICS 2016 !!!!!" thanks

nick humpston    27 March 2009 14:37 | york,uk
when you consider the sheer effort,skill and athleticism of the top professional squash players I feel Olympic inclusion (at last)would only be fair.
Good luck!

Henrik    19 March 2009 11:38 | Gothenburg
Looking at what sports are in the Olymics, Squash is more suitable than most of them. It requires speed, control and fitness. Looking at the Olympic idea were athletes are to meet in a friendly way squash is most certainly to match thoose criterias. I played squash for the last 25 years and I have never met a squshplayer that haven't givven me tips on to be a better squashplayer, even ON court. Lets make the dream come true!!!

Josh    18 March 2009 11:05 | Perth Australia
Squash is sure to be in the 2016 Olympics. It's about time it has been.

SQUASH 2016!

Yahya    15 March 2009 10:02 | Saudi Arabia
I am a Pakistani & just a beginner in the game of Squash. Having some of the world's greatest players like Jahangir & Jansher Khan from my country, the love for this game is something natural to me. I would like to see Squash included in Olaympics 2016. I hope this campaign to be successful all the way.

Farhan Rasheed    15 March 2009 09:53 | Saudi Arabia
I'm an Ex Bodybuilder however changed my sport to Squash around 2 years back & never regretted the decision. I love the game of Squash & be thrilled to have Squash included in the Olaympics 2016. I believe everyone who plays Squash, no matter what level he/she is at, supports the Squash bid for Olaympics. Our prayers & wishes for this struggle to be successful.

Fred    13 March 2009 13:45 | UK
I really want squash to be in Olympics but the sport the pros play is not the squash of the general public. It seems that the PSA and now WISPA are creating a barrier for its inclusion. Why change the rules of the game we love? It doesn't bring more TV or sponsorship. I can't think of any other sport that has different scoring and court dimensions for the pros and the general public. How confusing for Olympic spectators.
Players and ex players running the PSA mean that they tailor make our sport to their needs. Whats wrong with the 2hour match - tennis is much longer - apart from its the fact that the fitness element becomes a major factor. Geoff Hunt, Jonah , Jansher,Jahangir, Dittmar, Norman and the Martins provided fantastic matches using the original scoring. Players could come back from being 2-0 and 8-0 down, but not now with the PAR. Spectators watching 25 minute womens matches will stop paying ticket fees if the PAR 11 continues. Children playing the new scoring system means too many 15minute matches - no good for the healthy lifestyle campaign. So let's go back to real squash - best of 5, to 9 English scoring and then everyone will be playing the same game and we might get in the Olympics.

TSP    13 March 2009 07:38 | Mexico City
Olympic Games, Let´s Do It Together.

John    12 March 2009 02:38 | Vermont
Can't say that I'm not impressed by the new branding. As for squash in the 2016 Olympics... that might be just about the most exciting thing I can conceive watching! For some reason I'd love for it to be a team event. But in any case - watching the pro's compete for an olympic medal would be something deeply meaningful in a way that even a prestigious tournament is not. Anyway - here's to squash in 2016!

James Prudden    11 March 2009 18:20 | New York City
‘The Olympics? Humph!’
(A kvetch in 11 syllables)

Synchronized Diving is on the tube tonight,
But something about it doesn’t seem so right.
The Olympics are great, no argument there,
All nations together! Believe me, I care.
And yet to me it seems grotesquely unfair,
That the great sport of squash is simply not there!

There’s expert commentary of Synchro’s style,
Beach Volleyball’s tactics, bikinis, and guile.
They’ve got BMX Cycling! Hello, say what?
Must I watch this guy drive around like a nut?
The Speed Walkers will come out shortly, I’m sure…
Another strange sport that I’m forced to endure!

It’s not that these sports are inherently bad
(Although I know they’d be appalled by my dad),
But international? No, sorry, no way,
Not this day, nor that day, nor some other day.

The spotlight’s on some sports that are flat-out rare.
This quadrennial slight is so hard to bear!
Succinctly put: Guess what, the Games just ain’t fair!
And it bugs me to think that some folks don't care!

In the spirit of things I might wish them well.
But not this time: “Hey divers! Dive straight to hell!”

— James Prudden

Alfredo Avelar    11 March 2009 17:11 | Mexico
I have been playing squash since 1974 and in 1985 I became Diabetic type 1. Squash has helped me to get under control and all the benefits obtain with its practice has been of a lot of help for my disease. I hope this type of comments helps to include such a wonderful sport in to the olympic's program in 2016

Alfredo Avelar

Jonathan Kirby    11 March 2009 12:35 | Guildford
Squash is such an exciting sport, not only to play but to watch as well. The inclusion of squash in 2016, will not only benefit the game as whole, but also the olympics itself.

Paul    10 March 2009 11:17 | Beds
I do hope that squash succeeds this time, however, I do worry about the threat from competing sports such as golf and rugby 7's which have far greater budgets to spend on a campaign for inclusion. I just hope for once our moral case, and it is overwhelming, wins the day.

Michelle Martin    10 March 2009 04:26 | Gold Coast Australia
This is what every squash player dreams of. One day we will be olympic medalists.

duilio costa    09 March 2009 16:35 | Pittsburgh PA USA

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