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Squash is "the world's healthiest sport"

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This is the conclusion of Forbes Magazine which examined a wide variety of sports against a number of measures including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and calories burnt while participating. Squash delivers physiological benefits to participants in a controlled environment in 45 minutes.

Squash is a highly popular and accessible sport, played the world over

Squash is played in 175 countries by over 20 million people. Every continent contains both recreational players and professionals. It is played by men and women, young and old. It's easy to get started and the cost of equipment is low. Courts are highly accessible and it's easy to just turn up and have a game.

The game is well organised and well placed to take advantage of inclusion in the Olympic Games

Both men's and women's player organisations (PSA and WISPA) and the WSF are 100% behind the bid for inclusion in the Olympic Games and are fully prepared to take advantage of the increase in awareness and participation that will result for the good of the game, and the Games, in general.

An Olympic medal will be the sport's highest honour

Every player agrees that the Olympic Games would take the sport to a different level and that Olympic Champion is a title to which every squash player would aspire.

Squash's top athletes will definitely compete

The world's top men and women have all signed a pledge that they would compete in the Olympic Games. They would be supported in doing so by their National Federations, the World Squash Federation and the two professional player organisations.

Squash can take the Olympic Games into new markets

Squash boasts world-class athletes from countries that do not traditionally produce Olympic Champions. Including squash in the Olympic Games will boost awareness of the Games and the Olympic Movement in these countries, for the good of the Games as a whole. It will also enable national funding in countries where the sport is in its infancy.

Squash can make a positive impact on the Olympic Games, at very little cost

Squash is a portable sport: a court requires minimal space and can be erected anywhere. Squash tournaments have been held in many iconic locations around the world, attracting players and non-players to the sport. This makes squash an ideal sport for showcasing the host city. We will donate our courts to the host city on the conclusion of the Games.

Local squash clubs in each host city have pledged to offer training facilities to players attending the Olympic Games so squash can be staged without any investment in permanent facilities or infrastructure.

Squash in the Olympic Games would be men's and women's singles only, meaning that the sport would only require two sets of medals to be minted and the number of athletes - at 64 with minimal entourages - would be low.

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