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Squash leaves no footprint but legacy

Squash can be staged at minimal cost and disruption to normal life in each host city. Because our courts are easy to erect and dismantle, minimal infrastructure would be necessary on-site. Squash takes up minimal space relative to the value it beings, and leaves no environmental footprint behind.

The WSF will make arrangements for two glass courts to be gifted to the Games and retained by the host city afterwards, perhaps under the management of the host National Squash Federation, for use in the promotion of squash in the host country.

The WSF has been in touch with squash clubs in each candidate city and made arrangements so that - if selected - each city would be happy to provide training facilities for our athletes to use in preparation for the Olympic Games. This again saves money and facilitates squash's participation in the Games, as well as offering our sport the chance to forge greater links with the community in each candidate city.

This gives us the chance to leave a positive legacy in the heart of the host city's squash communities, which they can use to spread the message of squash as an Olympic sport.

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Squash can add value at minimum cost

In addition to the cost advantages of using existing portable courts and existing squash facilities in host cities, the WSF has also taken steps to examine the most cost-effective way of including elite squash competition on the Olympic Games.

Add to this a day to set the courts up and a further day to take them down, and the whole Olympic squash tournament would occupy only seven days, with matches played typically towards the end of each day.

In the later stages of the tournament, the courts could be used earlier in the day to bring children in for clinics or to stage exhibition games, to spread the word of squash to the local community.

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