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Squash is played all over the world by more than 20 million people in 175 countries, of all ages, genders, colours and creeds. It is a pure sport, transcending issues of class and income, focusing only on a highly accessible game that is easy to play, yet has a steep learning curve for players that ascend to elite level.

Squash is a short, intense workout that is absolutely relevant to today: it is contained, gladiatorial, very fast in terms of both game play and the time taken to play a match. It pits man against man, woman against woman in one of the purest sporting environments possible. There is no place to hide on a squash court.

Turbocharged chess

Squash is unique in one respect: it is the only racket sport where players share the same space. Squash is essentially a battle for supremacy of that space, point by point, in a spectacle that is utterly compelling and has viewers on the edge of their seats. To those with deep knowledge of the game, the strategic contest is as involving as the athletic contest. Squash has been called "turbocharged chess" and with good reason; it is alive with opportunity to probe and retreat, to seek out and exploit an opponent's weaknesses, deprive him or her of the opportunity to exploit his strengths.

Despite the intense competition on court, squash is a family where most of the world's top players know and respect each other, are friends with each other, help each other, coach each other. It's a global family with members from a wide variety of nations and a very down-to-earth attitude to the sport that unites them. Included in this family are media, organisers, promoters and members of the sport's key organisations. Also included are the fans themselves, many of whom communicate directly with the sport's elite players via the internet or person to person in the form of the multitude of clinics and tutorials that our players conduct as they travel around the world. Squash players are a friendly group that respects the game and all those involved with it.

If chosen as an Olympic sport, squash players will demonstrate with passion, Olympism and the values of excellence, friendship and respect. We know too, that these great athletes will also earn the respect of their peers in other Olympic sports.

Squash would bring a new audience to the Olympic Games and its values

20 million people is a big potential audience and given the distribution of squash and the player demographic, the vast majority of these will own televisions capable of receiving Olympic Games broadcasts.

This audience will embrace the ideals of the Olympic Movement if squash is included because it will ratify the fact that squash embraces these ideals too. Fair play; athleticism; universality and the participation of the very best athletes are all accepted values of squash and squash tournaments everywhere.

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